Do You Wear Headwraps to Work?

We get questions occasionally from women about the appropriateness of headwraps in the workplace.

Whether a headwrap is suitable for the workplace is determined mainly by the field. A more corporate environment may be less accepting of the accessory than a creative job.

Obviously headwraps are the number one accessory for a work oufit at The Wrap Life's office, so we got some insight from one of our favorite wrappers, Katelyn aka @k8lyn.aariel. Here's how she incorporates headwraps into her professional wardrobe.

1 Katelyn Rose.png
2 Katelyn Speck.png
3 Katelyn Zig.png

Do you wear headwraps to work? If so, how do you style them? 

Do you have a story to tell about headwraps in the workplace?

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