The Wrap Life Gives Back: The Avalon Village

We were so happy to be able to donate some of our sale proceeds to the Black Lives Matter movement. We recently were able to contribute to another cause: The Avalon Village.

The Avalon Village is a movement birthed by a visionary in Detroit named Mama Shu after the tragic loss of her young son. Located in the Highland Park area of Detroit, Michigan, a city once a thriving metropolis and now one of the poorest in the nation, this unique proposal to rebuild the neighborhood is one that spoke directly to our hearts.



"When people come to Avalon Village, they’re going to feel different."— Mama Shu





Here's a list of just SOME of what they're planning:

• GREENHOUSE where residents can learn to grow their own healthy food that they will then use to feed themselves and their families.

• HOMEWORK HOUSE for teaching, tutoring and feeding children

• SOLAR PANELS for energy efficient power

• SHIPPING CONTAINERS used to make alternative business and living spaces.

 What we love most about this cause is that it's not a plan for a quick fix. It's a plan that teaches its beneficiaries about their minds, bodies and their environment. It ensures that the community will not only revitalize but continue to grow. 

 "People think that things are so big and so unreachable. What we’re showing is that you can really, really do this.” — Mama Shu

The organization has recently been highlighted on huge platforms like the Ellen Degeneres show and garnered the attention of various other high profile people. Volunteers are currently working tirelessly to bring this vision to life and we're so honored to be able to contribute. We believe that programs like these, that promote wellness and empower its recepients are vital to making significant and sustainable changes to the world.

What charitable causes are dear to your heart? Share in the comments.

Nnenna Okechukwu