Sweet Summer and Getting Things Done

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People often choose to wait for the New Year or Spring to try new things or to get back on track with old goals. We hype up New Years resolutions and the benefits of spring cleaning as though there’s magic to those times of the year.


There’s no such thing as the perfect time to start. It may feel good to give yourself a specific date or time based on some arbitrary notion of when it’s best, but all you’re really doing is delaying the rewards of your hard work. 


If you want to change, do it now. Summertime is just as good a time as any to renew. Don’t put yourself in a box. 


So far this Summer at The Wrap Life, we’ve launched two new products, Kiddie Wraps and Bandy Bandy, three collections, and we have much more on the way. A lot of work goes into every collection but we have no set days on when we launch. If we hesitated and put off our releases, always anticipating the elusive perfect opportunity, we would not be as prolific as we are. (And our customers would have nothing to buy). Envision your desired result. Be fearless. Set a date. And get it done. You've got magic on your side. 




Nnenna Okechukwu