Summer Handprints

summer handprints 2016-lena plum-sula-IMG_4673--.jpg

It's hard to pick favorite wraps when you're surrounded by dozens of amazing prints everyday. But if we had to pick a favorite style of wrap, handprinted would definitely have a fight for the number one spot. They're lightweight, they're the most flexible, and the print appears on BOTH sides of the fabric. This makes them ideal for beginners.

summer handprints 2016-jurnee-batik disc earrings-IMG_4897--.jpg
summer handprints 2016-lena blue-IMG_4691--.jpg

Our Summer Handprints collection is our latest in a string of releases this Summer. 


Also, if you have locs or if you like to wear your hair in braids/twists, check out our hair jewelry collection. We've added two new styles: an ankh and a cowry shell. 

summer handprints 2016-hair loc jewelry nefertiti-IMG_4554--.jpg

With the help of our friends at Calico Wallpaper, we were able to transform our studio into a perfect set to match the breezy feel of the wraps. Also special thanks to our fave photographer, Mirza Babic.

Those familiar with The Wrap Life's instagram will recognize designer, Nigerian Hippie.

(2016 Collection)

Nnenna Okechukwu