(July 2016)


A lot of work goes into our photoshoots. Figuring out what to put in the collection is the easy part. After we come up with a concept, we to have find location, models, clothing...and it all has to come together for a specific day and time. The actual shoot can be somewhat stressful, even when everything is going right. 

regal-kaima-black tassel-IMG_0596LR copy.jpg
regal-lusaka-gold tassel earrings-IMG_0034LR.jpg

Still, we honestly love doing these shoots. The images come out fantastic which ultimately conveys our message and attracts more women to our community. But even more than that, we enjoy creating beautiful images that all women, especially Black women, can be inspired by. 


You wouldn't believe (or maybe you would) some of the stereotypical, misinformed notions some may have concerning headwraps. They think headwraps can't be beautiful, that they're only for going to bed or working in the yard. Headwraps can be worn by anyone and in any style they desire. We're here to inspire creativity and self-expression. 

regal-brazza-amara-bandy-onyx earrings-black tassel earrings-IMG_0509LR.jpg

We will continue to inspire and prove that headwraps are beautiful. 

Check out our Regal collection. We offer an assortment of black and gold prints, as well as a stunning white wrap called Venus. She has a subtle lace-like print on bright white, cotton fabric.

Nnenna Okechukwu