Black Lives Matter

What’s Going On?

It’s been a heavy several weeks in America. The deaths of Philando Castile and Alton Sterling, along with the anniversary of Sandra Bland’s death, have all reminded us that Black Americans are still under physical and emotional attack. (Not that we needed reminding.) Every time another one of us is erroneously murdered, leaving yet another name to remember and sometimes another video left burned into our memories, it’s very easy to feel hopeless. 

Alton, Sandra, Philando.jpg

In the wake of these murders, we’re left with so much to process. We grapple with the high chance that the murderers will be left unpunished, after insufficient and questionable “investigating.” We listen as news commentators, politicians and idiots on our social media timelines, come up with every reason to blame the victim and not the perpetrator of the crime. We grit our teeth as we scream internally, if I have to explain what Black Lives Matter means one more damn time. 

 We deal with all of this pain while still balancing the rest of lives. We still have to go to work, maintain relationships, and raise children. Whether we want to or not, life goes on and many of us cannot pause to deal with our emotions.

One thing we need to make clear is even though there are a number of forces working against us, we are NOT helpless. We have power in our voices and in our wallets and we must believe and magnify that power.




VOTE. Get involved in politics. It’s easy to be disillusioned. But even the “smallest” elections are important. Those councilmen and councilwomen and other local officials are more accessible in their communities and are therefore in more of a position to directly implement change in their neighborhoods. Don’t underestimate the importance of our Congress. How can we expect change when we don’t even know who represents us?

If you’re extremely fired up and simply voting isn’t enough, ever consider joining a campaign staff or running for office? 🤔   





DONATE.  Donate money/time to local community organizations. Donate books and supplies to schools. The Wrap Life has donated portions of our proceeds to Black Lives Matter in recent weeks. Our goal is to continue to donate to causes like this. Find a cause that you connect with and give what you can.


BUY BLACK. Not just during the Thanksgiving/Christmas holiday season but all the time. There is power in Black money. Like it or not, in this capitalistic society, our money can often speak louder than our words do. The point is to funnel that money into entities that build up our own people and communities. Unfortunately, some people view this as another form of segregation. Other races buy from their own racial community, without second thought, on a daily basis. If we don’t buy from us, who will? 

You may even feel prompted to switch your money to a Black-owned bank like Solange

While it is not our burden to end racism, it’s our job to empower ourselves and each other. There are numerous ways that we can make progress. Please share, comment and discuss how we can move forward.

Nnenna Okechukwu