Every year AFROPUNK is a little bit different. The layout of the park is rearranged.  The musical acts keep getting bigger. But the one thing that remains consistent is the awesome vibe reverberating through the entire park. Everyone is there to have fun, let loose and be free. 

You don't have to dress "punk" to participate. First and foremost, the event is about self-expression in whatever form you choose. So whether that's bold and topless in pum pum shorts or simple in a sundress, AFROPUNK is the place to be.

Afropunk 2016 Nnenna group.jpg


Though the entire 2-day event is fun, there's nothing like the magic of the second day. It's hard to explain but it's like the entire essence, everything AFROPUNK is meant to represent (love, fun and acceptance), is all wrapped up into that last day. Everyone knows it's almost over and everyone is trying to savor it for as long as possible.



We brought a large portion of our collection of wraps, jewelry and sacred space goodies with us (including a few unreleased gems).  

We can't count how many times we heard, "oh I follow y'all on Instagram!" So many of you came looking for us specifically. Some of you didn't even know we were there and happened upon us while you walked through. Even as veterans of this event, (this was our third year vending), it was still such a delight to see so many of our customers in the flesh, and the love and enthusiasm you guys shared was sincerely appreciated. 

Nnenna Okechukwu