Just a couple weeks ago we had the amazing opportunity to participate in our first Afropunk ATLANTA event. This was our first time vending Afropunk outside Brooklyn and we weren't too sure what to expect. 


What we got was an absolutely fabulous time. The layout of the festival is very different from the Brooklyn one. Vendors were lodged in a warehouse with views to the main stage where Miguel and Solange performed. There was a separate structure entitled WOKE that had a much more intimate, underground vibe.

In our festival store, we created a calm environment with burning incense and twinkly lights. In between bites of scrumptious funnel cake, we had the pleasure of meeting you all. Those who came to shop had a chance to shop our newest collection LOWKEY before it dropped officially on our online shop this week.

Overall we had a fabulous time and we're glad we took the leap to do another city's Afropunk. 

Have you been to Afropunk? If so, which city? What other festivals do you like to attend?

Share your thoughts below.

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